It was a beautiful sun-shiny day!  The “crew” arrived at 9:00am all ready to work to help apply the first six panels to the right side of the jet! Patrick (3M) was a great “teacher” and with a break for lunch (had to feed these guys!) five hours later the right side was done! “Timmy” has “The Learning Jet” applied!!  Thank you to Patrick (3M), Wayne, James, and Al for their help!




Still image of video

January 15, 2015 – Moving Day!
On a brisk (no, it was cold!) and sunny morning the Learning Jet was moved from the temporary location this past year to the new permanent location. Thank you to everyone involved! It could not have been done without YOU!!  Enjoy the photo slide show of the move.


The Learning Jet is now located next to the Wings building on the north east side of the airport at the end of Bayfield Road at the old Wings property. It has been moved from the yellow circle to the green box!

LJ Location at airport


Learning Jet - Birds Eye ViewWE ARE SO EXCITED!!


Download our pdf brochure below for information on the many opportunities available for classes or groups

.Learning Jet Information 2014-1


The Learning Jet and Multi-Modal Transportation Curriculum Project

An innovative project to help students succeed in school, mobilize future talent, and cultivate a workforce that is prepared to meet the transportation challenges of the future.


The Learning Jet ConversionProgress Report:

December 5, 2014
On a brisk (flat out cold!) windy December morning volunteers Tom Olekers, Tom Tousignant, Mike Carver and Wayne Snyder joined Project Director, Steve Hurvitz,  to pick up two donated baggage carts and deliver them to the Learning Jet area.  Thank you to these volunteers for their help, and to US Air for this donation!


October 21, 2014
Prepping the plane for the graphics – scaffolding going up – interior being finished!


October 2, 2014

SO CLOSE!!  Lighting, ceiling panels, finishing design touches!


September 18, 2014

The furniture has arrived!!

 Installing the ceiling lighting and panels!



Sept 4, 2014
The Advisory Committee met in the Learning Jet.  Excitement is high as all are being updated on the progress of the Learning Jet and STEM/STEAM curriculum!
Committee Meeting 9-4-14

July 29, 2014

Painting the tail in preparation for the new Learning Jet logo!
Thank you to all the volunteers who have been providing their services on this project!

The monitor has been installed!   A high five from Steve Hurvitz, Project Manager and  Tom Oelkers!

LJ Progress1 7-29-14


July 27, 2014

The conversion of the interior – in 8 slides. Thank you to Project Manager, Steve Hurvitz, and all the volunteers who have been hard at work to get this done!

LJ Progress Collage 7-27-14

July 16, 2014

  • As of July 5th, the main walls are now complete!
  • On July 9th the floors were carpeted and are done.!
  • On July 15th the three service doors now have covering that are removable when we need to use the doors.
  • We have acquired a 55 inch flat screen TV and will hang it on July 17th.
  • We have now covered the cargo door in carpet.
  • Work has begun on painting out the FedEX logo.
  • The material for the baseboard coverings has been acquired and will be installed July 17th..

Steve Hurvitz, project manager, reports that the conversion is about 85% complete.
These are the tasks that remain:..

  • Coverings for the three service doors  -  In process.
  • Acquire the flat screen display and hang it
  • Determine a covering for the cargo door and install
  • Acquire the ceiling material and install.
  • Acquire and install the LED lighting above the ceiling.
  • Acquire, assemble and move into place the furniture.
  • Install outlet devices and cover plates.
  • Paint out FedEx on aircraft.
  • Acquire and install air register covering at baseboards.
  • Install Plexiglas covering over rear cabin display area.
  • Paint entry vestibule wall.
  • Complete ceiling in entry vestibule.
  • Name put on outside of Learning Jet


Walls almost done 6-4-14On May 29th, volunteers began to install the walls!
On June 4th,  The walls are almost done!!

Steve Hurvitz, who is the project manager, reports that the conversion is about 65% complete.

  • The interior walls of this cargo jet have been removed to the bare aluminum framework and insulation.
  • The floor of the jet had the rollers removed and a plywood fire-retardant floor has been installed.
  • Part of the front bulkhead has been cutout to facilitate easy access to the main cabin door and the cockpit.
  • The original recessed lighting has been removed and replaced with more energy efficient fixtures and led lights.
  • Speakers have been installed throughout the cabin with two sets of switches installed to divide the cabin into two areas: forward section – classroom and the aft section for simulators and a reading area.
  • All electrical work has been completed.
  • A small gas driven generator has been purchased to run the electrical equipment while the conversion is taking place.
  • We have also purchased a large heating and air conditioning unit that will be used with the existing ductwork.
  • The next step is to install the plastic wallboard which is semi-flexible to form to the curvature of the aircraft cabin.


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