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In the 18 months the Learning Jet has been available for a STEM/STEAM educational experience there have been over 2000 students and other groups where we have said, “WELCOME ABOARD!”

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September 17, 2016

2016 Flyer - rev 2THANK YOU! The day was beautiful, the fundraiser Wheels Beneath Our Wings was fabulous and all because of YOU!
THANK YOU to all the participants who brought their cars and their motorcycles! What a turnout! We really appreciated your support!
THANK YOU to the spectators who came to see “Timmy”, be a part of the fundraising event, and find out what the Learning Jet is all about!
THANK YOU to MSRA for selecting our fundraiser car show as a 2016 MSRA Voting Event! That was a special honor for our show and we appreciated your support!
THANK YOU to those who gave additional cash donations – that was very unexpected and much appreciated!
THANK YOU to our Registration team, our Silent Auction team, our gate guys, and our parking guys! You were fantastic!
THANK YOU to the “do you need help?” volunteers who didn’t know they were going to volunteer until they saw we needed help and stepped in!
THANK YOU to “Timmy’s Tenders” for all your hard work this year, and especially preparing for this fundraiser!
THANK YOU to Mike Smith – the head guy for this fundraiser! We could not have done it without your leadership on this event!
and … THANK YOU to the Darlene Dahlseide, Steve Hurvitz, and the MnAWA Board of Directors for all you do to promote the Learning Jet project and encourage the STEM/STEM EDUCATION for students of all ages!


 Below are recordings of three “Live” Facebook streams from our website administrator, Linda Lucas, of the event. You are invited to view them.  Each video is approximately 4 minutes.
Video 3

 Video 2
Video 1


Our first FUNDRAISER was held on July 11, 2915!
Below is a slide show of some of the cars and fun happenings! Thank you to Sandy Felde for sharing many of these photos with us.




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